Write A Short Essay About The Topic Health Is Wealth

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All of us are very much familiar with the proverb "Health is Wealth". But it is very unfortunate that we always remain attached very much to acquire wealth. Attached word is not justified, actually maximum of us are at a state of madness to achieve and satisfy our hunger of money. Health is not cared while dealing one`s target of becoming rich. It is only taken as a subject of life when one starts loosing health and enters into home of illness. Until this stage money was coming smartly and after becoming ill money starts to drain out. Net result becomes zero on monitory basis and negative on the scale of "Health is Wealth". That means there should be a balance of putting our life business. Health is above all priorities. 

Tips of keeping us healthy and wealthy- First of all we try to know the cause. What are bigger diseases; which affect us and finally damage our life. These are Sugar, Blood Pressure, Headache, Indigestion diseases etc. I am not a doctor but have very much common sense about the killer reason of these diseases. Now I am telling a very top secret to keep us free from disease and to keep us completely  healthy. It`s a killer tips what I am going to disclose here.  Before knowing the tips we have to know the reason of today`s disease. It is tension, tension and tension. Tension is such a parameter of today lifestyle; which is producing these diseases in many cases. Stress is the physical and mental state of deviation from the natural condition of mind-set and body behaviour. Then how will you get rid from tension. First simple tip is that our sleep must be sound. To achieve this we must correct our metabolic activity. It is a medical term but is very simple to correct it by walking at least 4 km per day. Also remember one poetic (शायराना) lines for getting rid of  tension-I lived simply, blown away every stress into smoke, I accepted my fate what I got. I forgot ..forgot..and forgot what I lost.

How to control health without losing wealth:

In absolute sense it will be very impractical to say that there is a magic of keeping oneself healthy. But there is guaranteed formula of remaining less affected from disease. Suppose if it is told to give a disease to someone then it is possible for small diseases only like loose motion, Malaria, cold etc. To give loose motion is very easy. Just give someone to eat rich, bad oil fry food. Similarly put someone among  strong mosquitoes' area and it is sufficient to inject malaria in him. But if you say to give diabetes   or blood pressure to someone then we have to carry out his life style badly at least for 10 to 15 years to give these diseases. That means main reason of bigger disease is bad life style. In the chain of disease lifestyle is two step ahead of disease. You cannot understand this, so see this equation.

Symptom's steps before disease:Emotion--->Mood--->Ego(behaviour)---->lifestyle--->dysfunction--->Disease.We have to live with good lifestyle to check dysfunction state which is a border of disease. To achieve this one has to control his emotion and mood to live with standard behaviour. This behaviour will always keep one at healthy mental state. Lifestyle covers everything like eating habit, daily physical work, sleeping duration etc. If we maintain good lifestyle then disease like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack etc cannot touch us. And if we remain healthy then wealth is automatically remain with us. It is because we know that biggest money drains out if one gets captured with these diseases. This is one of the best way to remain Healthy and wealthy.


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Short Essay on 'Health is Wealth' (200 Words)

Short Essay on 'Health is Wealth' (200 Words)
There is an old saying, 'Health is Wealth'. 

Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is thus a level of functional efficiency of living beings and a general condition of a persons mind, body and spirit, meaning it is free from illness, injury and pain. It is a resource of everyday life and a positive concept emphasizing physical capabilities.

Good health is a secret of every happy man. Staying healthy for children is vital for proper growth and development of mind and body as they need to focus in the class and fully participate in the activities on the field. Parents must take their children for medical check-up and learn from experts about their development in terms of height and weight, as it has a huge impact on their overall performance and efficiency. If you are strong and healthy, you can be a shining example to others and teach them how to achieve vibrant health.

Good health is a matter of great concern, to maintain it, healthy living and a disciplined life is a must. One of the best ways is to drink plenty of water as it reduces the risk of infection, keeps your skin healthy, reduces the risk of heart attack, burns body fat and regulates our body temperature. We should sleep well as it relaxes our body and reduces stress. We need to have a balanced diet and go for long, brisk walks. Our motto should be to keep our body clean in order to remain healthy. We must laugh more as laughing is a therapy and a secret of good health. The government should include integrated health programs into their public policies and control specific health problems. 

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