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College students today barely get the time to take a breath of fresh air and smell the roses. They are always engrossed in the busy “campus life” that mainly entails attending classes, studying for exams and meeting up for group discussions. As students get drawn into the whirlpool of college activities, they start developing stress and anxiety. Their health may even start deteriorating. Some students even lose touch with reality, choosing instead to indulge entirely on the intellectual aspect of their studies.

For this reason, many students are searching for healthy alternatives to relieve stress, calm their nerves and relax. Student meditation is a natural technique that offers a myriad of physical, emotional and psychological benefits to students.


Top 3 benefits of student meditation

  1. Decreasing stress

A small amount of stress is healthy – it prompts you into action and helps you achieve your goals. Too much stress, on the other hand, is extremely unhealthy. Most college students suffer from an assortment of stressful situations: upcoming CATs & examinations, essay formulations, assignments and co-curricular activities play a huge role. Scientific evidence suggests that practicing mindfulness meditation improves an individual’s ability to cope with stress. Therefore, performing several exam meditation sessions before the D-day will help calm your nerves and gain the confidence required to tackle any test.

  1. Improving concentration

Student meditation could also help you to improve your concentration. Meditation naturally prompts you to focus on the present moment. When you begin meditating, you’re encouraged to concentrate on your breath. This disciplines the mind to focus on a single activity at a time. It actually takes a lot of willpower to clear the mental clutter and concentrate on the here and now. So the more you can learn to concentrate, the more you will prosper in schoolwork, sports, extracurricular activities and other areas of your life. A recent study even associated meditation with enhanced attention spans.

  1. Enhancing your emotional wellbeing

Apart from the numerous physical health benefits you can accrue from meditation, this practice also helps to promote creativity, improve happiness levels and enhance peace of mind. These are all crucial facets of our emotional health. Tokpa Korlo, a sobriety activist and meditation instructor, teaches that mindfulness helps us to overcome the fear of now. By acknowledging what you presently feel and working with it directly, you develop a more positive mindset. Exam meditation, for instance, helps you to develop a positive attitude towards upcoming tests.

The role of meditation on drug abuse

Drug addiction has become the new reality in numerous learning institutions worldwide. It’s an elephant in the room that barely gets the attention it deserves. Such addictive behavior is caused by an assortment of social issues that include stress, peer pressure, household conflicts, pain of loss and grief. According to studies, meditation helps to reduce both antisocial behavior and substance abuse among students and adults. So yes, student meditation exercises can go a long way in reducing drugs and substance abuse.

Guided student meditation

There’s always some level of fear and anxiety that students suffer from before sitting for an exam, regardless of how well prepared they are. However, exam meditation helps to reduce this fear. You get to realize that there’s much more to life than exams and grades. You might be an average student in class, but your exam anxiety drives you to perform poorly. Rather than worrying about those sections you didn’t study, it’s better to focus on those areas you covered. Exam meditation instils a renewed confidence into your psyche, allowing you to handle exam questions better.

If you desire to commence guided student meditation, download a meditation app onto your smartphone and set the ball rolling. The Mindworks: Guided Meditation App is remarkable app that contains a rich array of daily meditations that will benefit you immensely. It also contains lots of inspirational Mind Talks from authentic meditation teachers such as Tokpa Korlo, Trungram Gyalwa and Rachel Parrish. Have fun as you develop a more positive approach towards college life. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and repetition is the mother of all learning.


Mindworks Guided Meditation App

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I want you to sit up straight in your chair.Close your eyes.Take a deep breath, and relax.I’m going to speak to you, and I want you to just listen and imagine.Do not sleep.Just relax and imagine.

Right now I want you to think about your life.Think about your family.See your family.Think about your friends.In your mind, see your friends.And think about your job.See yourself working.And when you see all these things in your mind about your current life, how does it make you feel?Take a moment to imagine.

Now think about a goal you want to accomplish in the next year of your life.It could be a relationship goal, an educational goal, a personal goal, or a work-related goal.Think about why this goal is important to you.How will achieving this goal add value to your life?Think about it and see your goal in your mind’s eye.

Now I want you to imagine yourself going forward into the future: one week, two weeks, three weeks.Go forward into the future.It is now one month in the future.You have started on the road to success.What decisions have you made?What actions have you taken?And how does it feel to be on the road to success?

Now I want you to continue going forward.It is now 6 months in the future.You are much closer to your goal.You are starting to feel the benefits of all of your efforts.How does it feel to be closer to your goal?What emotions do you feel as you move closer toward your goal.Imagine.

Now I want you to continue going forward.It is now one year in the future.You have fully accomplished your goal.You have achieved success.See yourself.What do you look like?What are you doing?Who are you with?What are people saying to you?And what are you saying to them.How does success feel?

Now I want you to look back on your success.Look back on the process of achieving success.Look back on all of your hard work and effort.How did you reach your goal, step-by-step.What were the little things you did, day-by-day, to achieve success?What did you do at work?What did you do in your relationships?And what did you do inwardly to achieve success?Take a moment to think of all the steps you took to accomplish your goal.

And when you are ready, take a deep breath.Relax.Smile.And open your eyes.

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