Density Phet Assignment Answers

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Title Density-introduction
Description This is an activity that was designed as part of a collaborative project with middle school teachers at Uplift Education in Dallas, Texas. It could be used in a physical science, physics, or chemistry course depending on the student population. One of the files is a pre-lab with real equipment written by Christine Denison. The teacher notes includes some of Christine’s thoughts about how the activity went and possible changes. We may re-post this lesson before the next school year.
Subject Chemistry, Physics
Level High School, Middle School
Type Concept Questions, Demonstration, Lab
Answers Included No
Language English
Keywords bouyancy, density, displacement, fluids, intensive, mass, properties, volume
Simulation(s) Density

Author(s) Katherine Perkins, Christine Denison
Contact Email
School / Organization PhET
Date submitted 10/19/10
Date updated 5/19/15

Density Lab (PhET Simulation) Introduction You’ve heard that oil floats on water. You also know that ice cubes normally float in a glass of water. Why? What causes some things to float in water (corks, ice, dogs) and some to sink in water (rocks, metal spoons, mobsters)? Density is often described as the amount of mass crammed into a volume, and is illustrated by the formula shown below. The units for density are expressed g/cm 3 , g/mL, kg/m 3 , and kg/L. In this simulation, we will use kg/L. Water’s density is 1.00 kg/L. Procedure: 1. Download the density simulation on the assignment page. 2. Click Agree and Continue for the software agreement. 3. You will be completing two different activities using the same simulation. Activity A requires the Custom Block. Activity B requires the Mystery Block. 4. Activity A a. Enter the Custom Block by clicking the circle next to custom in the top, right corner. b. Click the circle next to Materials and use the dropdown menu to select each material. c. Table 1 : Use the information as it appears in the box to fill out Table 1. i. The mass, volume, and density for each material should appear.

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