Filipino Youth Of Today Essay

Have you ever wonder why Rizal’s words are still applicable up until now? Is he some kind of a time traveller to know what the future brings? Or is he a prophet, just like what most Rizal patriots are saying? Or a fortune teller that somehow predicts what will happen in the future, Or maybe it’s because of our system, and ourselves that is remained unchanged since Rizal’s time?

We are all aware that Rizal is an advocate of proper education, it is proved on one of his writings, the “La Instruccion” wherein he reiterated that Filipinos are in need of proper education, and this education will be the solution to the problems of our country, and this education will open the mind of the youth that they are the fair hope of our motherland. Rizal wrote this essay way back in the 19th century, can you imagine how applicable it is up until now?

The youth will only be the fair hope of the motherland if we will give them the proper education that they deserve, and the education that they need. According to our National Hero, education will be the solution to the problems of our country. If education is the solution, then how come it is one of our country’s problem?

During the time Rizal wrote the Instruccion, we are under the power of the Spaniards, so it is somehow understandle that they weren’t treating us fairly. That our youth during that time doesn’t have a great opportunity to learn. But now? now that are country is already free from colonization, now that we are enjoying the democracy and freedom what will be our excuse in not giving the proper education for our youth?

They say, today’s youth is different from the youths in the past. Is that the reason why they are not giving these youth the proper education? Is this the reason why they are just letting the youth of today to do what they want to do? Is that enough reason to neglect what our National Hero had said? If we think that today’s youth is way more different than the youth in the past, maybe we should think and mold our youth in a way that it’ll result to a better youth, to a better country. Maybe the reason why our youth is different is because we have our own shortcomings. Our shortcomings that will result to the youth’s own shortcomings that will not result to progress.

Our youth will never be the fair hope of our motherland if we will not teach them, if we will not mold them. Let’s treat our youth, the way Jose Rizal is treated, he had his first lesson in their home and it is given by her mother. We should keep in mind, that without us it is not possible for the youth to be the fair hope of the motherland, and without education we will all be nothing.

Let’s see to it that the first lesson that the youth is going to learn will be learned at home. Let’s teach the youth, before the world and our society teach them.

By Judy Anne Casamayor, AB Mass Communications

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THE FILIPINO YOUTH According to Dr. Jose P. Rizal, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”. But for the youth of today, who is Dr. Jose P. Rizal? Is he a role model for the Filipino youth? Is he still being remembered the way a national hero should be? Is he an inspiration to the younger generations? What is his legacy? What is his relevance today? Dr. J. P. Rizal, describing the youth as the Philippines’ hope of tomorrow. But now some of the Filipino youth doesn’t even care about what our national hero has stated. For some of the youth being a student, a child, and a member of this society, they don’t even care about what is going to happen to them in the future some doesn’t even like to talk to their parents they…show more content…

Without of the proper guidance of the parents, even the things like pressures may bring them to do those things, even though they know the consequences they may face still they want to do it. The phrase, "everybody's doing it," is the main concept of peer pressure. Peer represents popularity within a large group, where friendship represents relationship based on mutual respect, appreciation, and liking. They are considered one of the factors why the youth intend to do things that are not appropriate for them, because of the pressure and jealousy brought by their peers, their friends wanted to do those things because of the benefit that they may get from it like popularity or because their peers are also doing such things. Peers can also influence people in a positive way, by way of volunteering, excelling in academics and others. The youth should really choose those people who are going to be their friend because there are going to be influence by them in a way of being good or bad. According to a website, “Youth is like a fire. It crept forward. A spark at first. Growing into a flame. Then brightening into a blaze". Changing wouldn’t be hard if someone really wanted to pursue things, with the help of guardians and especially God. And also, choosing the right things or a person who’s

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