Case Study 2014 Icaew Past

First place worldwide - Kieran Doe

Kieran took our London weekend course in preparation for the July 2014 Case Study "Zoo-Med Limited" and was rewarded with a score of 92% and first place in the world for Case Study.

This outstanding performance demonstrates how our unique planning approach and small group tuition can lead to excellence in Case Study. Well done Kieran!

Benefits of Mock Pack - Laura Grundy

Laura used our pack of 5 Mock Exams ahead of the July 2015 Case Study "Bod Limited" and won a regional prize at her first attempt with us (third attempt at Case overall).

Click the menu option on the lefthand side of the page to learn more about our Mock Exam Pack. 

Benefits of Script Review (TIS) - Jordan Raiye

Jordan used our Script Review service ahead of the July 2017 Case Study "Piccolo Limited" and subsequently placed first in the ICAEW North East Region with a score of 86%. Jordan also placed first amongst all KPMG students in the UK. 

Click the menu option on the lefthand side of the page to learn more about our Script Review service. 

Thinking of joining our prizewinners?

Why not join our Case Study tuition courses? We would love to add some more prizewinners in 2017!

We are delighted to offer a full refund of your classroom tuition course fee if you place first in your ICAEW region, or of course win the global prize, so get studying! 

Welcome to our dedicated ACA Case Study website!

UPDATE (19 December 2017) - New London Weekend course dates announced!

As our London Saturdays course has sold out in record time, we are pleased to announce a second London Weekend course (the imaginatively-entitled London Weekend Course 2). Please click here for further details of this course, which will run on 2 Saturdays and 3 Sundays. 

UPDATE (15 December 2017) - Results day!

After a rather tricky Requirement 3 in the R4 Limited November 2017 Case Study, we were delighted to see our classroom tuition students achieve our usual high pass rate - 98% overall and 99% amongst students retaking the examination with us after failing with another provider. 

We have now released full details of our July 2018 classroom tuition courses so please click here for further details. 

We are in the process of updating our Feedback Wall for further genuine comments received from our classroom tuition course students at the November 2017 sitting. Please click here to read a selection of comments received from our students over the last few sittings. 

The fully updated July 2018 edition of Cracking Case is due for release in March 2018. Click here for further details. 

UPDATE (15 September 2017) - Release of November 2017 edition of Cracking Case

We are pleased to announce that the fully updated November 2017 edition of Cracking Case is now available to purchase.

We have carefully updated the book for the main learning points arising from the markscheme for the July 2017 Case Study (Piccolo Limited) and have further improved our popular Planning & Reminder Sheets with further ideas from our July 2017 classroom tuition courses.

UPDATE (8 September 2017)

We are very pleased to have been informed of another ICAEW Case Study prize won by our students. Jordan Raiye placed first in the ICAEW North East region and first in KPMG nationally with a very impressive score of 86%! Well done Jordan!

This is now our fourth ICAEW prize for Case Study in the last few years - click here to read about our other prizewinning students.

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