Football Informative Essay Introduction

Informative Speeches Informative. jpg An informative speech provides interesting and useful information to the audience. The information is unique and usually not something that the audience would be acquainted with. Objects, processes, events or concepts: Informative speeches can be about objects, processes, events or concepts. This is not a limited list, but a general topic format that most informative speeches tend towards.

The important thing to realize is that no matter which topic format the speech takes on, it can only be an informative speech if it conveys information that is factual, useful, instructive and/or enlightening to the audience. Introduction, body and conclusion: Most informative speeches are formatted with a defined introduction, a body of information and a conclusive ending. Clear, attention grabbing intro: The introduction to informative speeches should always be clear and catch the attention of the listeners.

The introduction should lead up to the body of the speech in such a way that it is immediately grabs the interest of the audience. It should create a clear relation between the speaker and the topic as well as relating the topic or subject to the audience to pull them in and get them excited or interested in what is to come. It should create a clear outline of what is to be covered in the body of the speech and should do so in a clear and concise way to be effective and ensure that the audience is not bored from the start.

Seamless transitions: When delivering informative speeches, the body should provide a smooth transition between the main points, ideas or concepts to convey all of the information effectively. This means that the speaker should, firstly, adhere strictly to the time limits imposed by planning ahead to present all of the information in a coherent manner and in a way that is easy for the audience to absorb and comprehend. The delivery should be natural and conversational; if it isn’t it will allow the audience to lose interest quickly and easily become distracted by the slightest diversion.

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The speaker should at all times demonstrate a vibrant enthusiasm or passion for the topic – if he is not enthused by it then there is no way he can expect his audience to be. The speaker should maintain eye contact stringently and progress from one point to another in a way that does not seem forced in any way, but seems to progress naturally without any breaks in momentum. Summarize at the end: When concluding an informative speech, the aim is to try and summarize the key points of the speech to reinforce the information in the minds of the audience.

The conclusion of informative speeches should always be the means by which the speaker informs the audience that the speech is coming to an end, without actually saying so. It should review and repeat the most prominent concepts, ideas or aspects of the speech and should end the speech in the same seamless and natural way that is used throughout the speech. The important thing to note is that the conclusion is a vital part of the speech, and as such it should maintain the attention and interest of the audience until the very end.

Informative Speech NFL Concussions Essay

792 WordsFeb 23rd, 20144 Pages

Informative Speech Outline
1. Creative Attention Getter
a. My creative attention getter will be playing a video with some hard helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL
2. Thesis Statement
a. Football is a hard-hitting sport and can cause concussions, head injuries, and even permanent brain damage.
3. Preview of the main points
a. Concussions can be defined as “by immediate and transient alteration in brain function, including alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma.”
b. Concussions have been a major problem in many physical sports and policies have been put into place to try and protect athletes.
c. NFL players that are taken out of the game can lose the opportunity…show more content…

Players cannot return to the game or cannot return to practice until they have been cleared from the team doctor as well as a neurologist iv. In 2009 the NFL tightened the rules
1. Helmet to helmet contact is an immediate 15 yard penalty in the NFL
2. Players can be fined for an official labeling a hit helmet-to-helmet
v. Returning to athletic activity too soon after a concussion can raise the risk of permanent damage if the athlete is hit in the head again
7. #3 Main Point
a. Even though there are policies in place to protect the athletes, these polices can keep players out of a game that they may have been able to play in without any consequences
i. Most NFL players have played football for many years and because they have grown up taking numerous head hits they can be considered less likely to have long term effects from a concussion than the general public ii. Many NFL players get paid for gaining titles such as: the most yards ran in a game, most touchdowns in a year, etc. The players can lose money and these titles if they are kept out of a game due to fear of a possible concussion iii. The person who watches the players and rules a player out for a possible concussion sits high up in the stadium and does not have the best view of the play in question iv. Even with this policy there has not been any decrease in the amount of concussions in the NFL. Front line reports that in

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