8th Grade Homework Answers

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How do you solve: The distance train a travels is represented by D equals 70 T, where D is the distance in kilometers and T is the time in hours.....

Table : time      Distance km               2.      150               4.      ...

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Unit Rate As SlopeMath Help8th Grade Math HomeworkInterpret The Unit Rate As SlopeFind A And B

David W.

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how do you graph y=2/3x+4

I need to know how to graph this equation and help, now

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8th Grade Math HomeworkNo answers ... yet!


Problem Page Dale will rent a car for the weekend. He can choose one of two plans. The first plan has an initial fee of $50 and costs an additional $0.09 per mile driven. The...

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Help Urgent8th Grade Math Homework

Kenneth S.

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what is the average speed of 40 mph , 50 mph, and 55 mph

Need help on this for 8th grade math

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8th Grade Math Homework

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a square and an equilateral triangle have the same perimeter. Find the length of the sides of the triangle.

the square is x+5, The triangle is 3x

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8th Grade Math Homework

Mark M.

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a square and an equilateral triangle have the same perimeter. Find the length of the sides of the triangle.

the square is x+5, The triangle is 3x

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8th Grade Math Homework

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8th grade math homework

The school has budgeted $2,000 for an end-of-year party at the local park.the cost to rent the park shelter is $150.how much can the student council spend per student on food if each of the 225 students...

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8th Grade Math Homework

A little confession from me. I was homeschooled (that's not the confession part), and in 8th grade my algebra textbook had the answers to half the problems in the back. And when I was stumped, I would cheat.

Sorry, mom!

Of course, cheating at math is a terrible way to learn, because the whole point isn't to know the answer to 2x + 2 = 7x - 5, it's to understand the methodology that can solve any like problem.

But what if you could cheat at your homework and learn? That seems to be the premise behind app called Socratic. Or at least that's my takeaway. The app lets you take a picture of a problem (you can also type it in, but that's a little laborious), and it'll not only give you an answer, but the steps necessary to to arrive at that answer — and even detailed explanations of the steps and concepts if you need them.

The app is actually designed to answer any kind of school question — science, history, etc. — but the math thing is the slickest part. For other kinds of questions, Socratic kind of does a bit of Googling, and in my experience can typically find similar word problems on the wide internet, or from its own database of answers. On about half the middle school science problems I tried, the app was able to identify the topic at question and show me additional resources about the concepts involved, but for others it was no more powerful than a simple web search.

But for algebra this thing is sick. I pointed it at 2x + 2 = 7x - 5, which I wrote down at random, and it gave me a 10 step process that results in x = 7/5. It has trouble with word problems, but if you can write down a word problem in math notation it shouldn't be an issue. I also tried it on a weird fraction from an AP algebra exam, which it kind of failed at, but then I swiped over and it was showing me this graph, which included the correct answer:

I love this app, not just because it would've helped 8th grade Paul out of a jam, but because it's such a computery use of computers. You use the tiny computer in your pocket to be basically smarter than you already are. It's technology that augments a human brain, not just a distraction.

The creator of Socratic just open sourced its step-by-step solver, called mathsteps. There are a lot of computer-based algebra solvers out there, but for Socratic they had to do some extra engineering to get at the steps a human would need to solve the same problem.

Also, I'd be remiss not to mention Photomath, which has been doing this since 2014, and actually has step-by-step explanations in the recently released Photomath+ paid version (there's a free trial). I like the Socratic interface and explanations a bit better, but I'm glad to see this is a vibrant market.

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