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List Of 15 Good Interview Questions For A Profile Essay

A profile essay can be thought of as a brief human interest story. It tells a bit more about the individual and gives the reader a little inside information that might not commonly be known. People enjoy reading these stories and a good interview can create a very interesting story about the person being interviewed. Not everybody has a bank of questions ready to ask and a little help can go a long way. The following are some very questions you can use for a given profile essay.

  1. What was it like living in the town you grew up in?
  2. When you were in school what subject provided the best learning experience for you?
  3. As you look back on your career what was the most painful lesson you were required to learn?
  4. Do you enjoy the work you do and do you plan on doing it for a long time?
  5. Are there any opportunities you feel a new college graduate should explore?
  6. What do you see on the horizon for your line of work?
  7. Was there something enjoyable in your past you wish you could do once again?
  8. As you know we are always growing and learning. Is there any one thing you would like to take the time to learn more about?
  9. Is there any advice you would give to a person who is starting out in your chosen career?
  10. Looking at all the people in history, what person would you say you respect the most?
  11. Your parents are both a big part of your life. Which one do you feel had the most influence on you growing up?
  12. What do you feel you have bragging rights to?
  13. When all is said and done, and the final chapter is written on your life, what is the most memorable thing you’ve done which you would like to have carved on your tombstone?
  14. What direction are you heading in?
  15. What is the one quality you feel best describes you?

Questions alone will not carry the interview. You have to conduct a conversation that will bring out what you need to know and what you feel the reader should know. The last thing that ought to happen is having a person being interviewed feel nervous. It is your responsibility as the interviewer to relax as individual and make this person feel comfortable in sharing his or her story with you. You need to practice the questions a little bit before the interview. That way, you will sound more natural when you pose them and this will make the interviewed person feel more comfortable.

Your college application essay is your ticket to college. So don’t lose the chance of showing what makes you different from other applicants. There are thousands of applications submitted to admission officers each year, so don’t write something as other applicants would and try to make your application stand out. So below are some common application essay questions.

Sample Application Essay Questions

1. Academic Plans

  • How will your area of specialization contribute to your long-term career plan?
  • Explain the significance of your major to the society 10 years from now.

2. Social Issues

  • If you’re given the chance to change the curriculum of your school, what changes will you make?
  • Cite a controversial issue on college campuses and propose a solution.

3. Personal Success

  • How did you express your leadership both in and out of school?
  • Describe your personal success and how it relates to your chosen field.

4. Background Information

  • How has your family upbringing affected your views in life?
  • Pick a past experience in your life and explain how that particular incident has changed you.

5. Future Goals

  • Where will college education bring you 10 years from now?
  • Describe your long-term perspectives for your long-term goals.

6. Financial Needs

  • From your financial standpoint, what will be the impact of this scholarship on your education?
  • Mention family or personal circumstances that have affected your financial status.

7. Random Questions

  • Who is the person you admired the most and why?
  • What book has influenced you deeply?

8. Other Related Questions

  • Describe a significant incident that has changed your viewpoints in life.
  • How does high school change you intellectually and personally?
  • What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?
  • Why have you chosen this college?
  • If given the chance to meet a famous person, who would it be and why?
  • What movie has greatly affected you?
  • What particular music has inspired you and why?

9. Strange Questions

  • Are we alone?
  • How do you feel about Friday?
  • How would your room describe you?
  • Who would be your biggest fan?
  • What would be your greatest problem?

Common application essay questions can be nerve-wrecking. But some universities try to reduce the tension by raising odd questions. While most of the questions are unpredictable, knowing some of the commonly asked questions will help you win your application. So start brainstorming and begin writing down your thoughts as early as you can. Don’t let an application essay deter you from getting the quality education you deserve.

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